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Calming triggers, options for coping and healing in Las Vegas after mass shootings

Posted at 5:49 PM, Aug 04, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In a matter of days, several communities across the county have been targeted and many lives have been lost in mass shootings.

The crime scenes and viral videos on social media among other things can be overwhelming. Especially for those who have been in a similar situation.

"It can be triggering. It can take them back closer to when the event happened and bring those feeling again," says Tinnelle Pereria, the director of the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center.

She tells 13 Action News the recent shootings have "sparked a conversation" between 1 October survivors, mainly online.

"We have seen in the survivor social media groups that they are reaching out to one another and that they're struggling with all these incidents that just keep happening," says Pereira.

Almost two years after the 1 October shooting, Pereira reminds you, you're not alone and resources are still available to help you whenever needed.

"Grief is a real thing and it's important we acknowledge that. We request that the reach out because there is assistance out there. There is help!"

 Denise Marshal is a Reiki specialist and owns Trauma Recovery Reiki.

"Reiki is energy work. It's scanning the body and looking for places in the body that need healing," explains Marshal.

She explains Reiki is a form of alternative holistic medicine, it helps with emotional and physical healing.

Marshall uses a vibrating device that plays calming music on your body. She claims it helps you be present in the moment.

"[I] put it on radiant parts of the body and it raises the vibrations of the body. It gives you a chance to exhale. It's a time when you can say, you know what? I'm okay right now and that's enough," says Marshall.

The Vegas Resiliency Center will be open two hours earlier than normal on Monday for anyone who many need help. It is located on 1524 Pinto Lane.