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Burglars strike Las Vegas cheer leading gym during competition

Posted at 11:27 PM, May 01, 2018

Surveillance footage shows two men making their way through California All-Stars offices inside the gym near McCarran International Airport, eventually knocking down the cameras.

Ranna Emamjameh said she didn't learn about the break-in until cleaning crews arrived and called her in Florida where one of her teams was competing.

The co-owner of the gym said she then rushed back to Las Vegas to survey the damage, downloading the footage while she was on the plane.

She was shocked to see how efficiently the pair worked to knock down the cameras.  One of the men even staying outside the office until the cameras were down.

But there was a fourth camera that showed his face as the man pulled the safe out from under the desk.

Emamjameh is now hoping someone will recognize the suspects and call Las Vegas police.

Meanwhile, she says the theft of the money and computers will not impact the cheer teams.