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Bunny experts: Think before buying an Easter bunny

Posted at 12:12 AM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-29 13:35:07-04

The Easter Bunny will be making its rounds in a few days, but animal experts around Las Vegas are hoping parents will avoid buying their own Easter bunny for the kids.

In a new PSA, bunny experts say thousands of rabbits are dumped at animal shelters or abandoned outside after Easter every year. The PSA goes on to say, if you get a rabbit, be ready for a 10-year commitment. It also asks people not to buy rabbits, but instead to adopt them.

"Don't buy a bunny for Easter, don't do an impulse buy," said Dave Schweiger with Bunnies Matter In Vegas Too. "People think they are starter pets because they are small and cute. They are a great pet but a lot more complicated because they are considered an exotic animal."

Schweiger and his team have been rescuing hundreds of bunnies for the past six weeks from the dumpsite near Charleston and Jones boulevards.

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Volunteers have put in thousands of hours spaying and neutering the bunnies and transporting hundreds of them to other rescue groups around the country.

There are still more than a hundred available for adoption here in Las Vegas if you decide you are ready for the 10-year commitment. For more details on how to adopt a bunny in Las Vegas, click here.