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Clark County School District's back-to-school lunch trouble

Posted at 1:28 PM, Aug 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-10 21:28:02-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — We asked and you answered. The messages were clear that Clark County School District has some work to do to keep kids in the classrooms and not behind computer screens.

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Schools out and kids have some things to say to their parents. While there were plenty “I’m happy to be back!” Or “The first day was great!," the flip side is that were many issues surrounding buses, police protection, drop off and pick up, and lunch.

Madeyln Malm, a Southwest Career and Technical Academy junior shared: "It’s a 15 minute break. That includes everything you do in there, it’s not just to eat.

She wasn’t the only one. We received a slew of complaints about school lunch. One shadow ridge high school parent told us the lunch line was so long her son didn’t get to eat lunch and the same thing happened the next day. Another said one of their elementary school kids didn’t get lunch because they ran out of meals, but did get snacks.

Madelyn has to take medication at school everyday. She says she waited the entire 15 minute lunch break in the office, waiting for the front desk assistant, who just got out of training, to go through the medications book, finally give her the medicine and walk to a water fountain where she had to take her medicine in front of the staff member. By the time that was all over, Madelyn had no lunch, which isn’t good for her medication.

"There is too many kids and the lunch line becomes way to long. So I didn’t have time to eat at all. There’s too many kids so yeah, I just went back to class," she says. Her mother Lauren continued: "while having just taken medication on an empty stomach."


The CDC recommends that kids have at least 20 minutes of seat time for lunch. That’s from when they sit down after getting their food, not the entire lunch period. They reported that about half of the school districts in the U.S. do not require this.

According to the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA), school districts must provide at least 15 minutes of seat time for breakfast and at least 20 for lunch.

CCSD says it is working on back to school lunch hiccups and if there are issues with a student not getting lunch, the parent should contact the school administrators.

Madelyn's mom Lauren explained: "They were told that they would have time to eat when they got back to class. That they would have designated time and their lunch period is actually longer. That’s not the case. My students have to go back to class and work simultaneously while eating.