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Suspected Strip shooter makes first Las Vegas court appearance

Posted at 3:19 PM, Apr 17, 2013
and last updated 2015-10-09 18:29:28-04

Flanked by two Las Vegas police officers, Ammar Harris -- the accused Strip shooter -- shuffled into a Las Vegas courtroom early Wednesday morning. 

Face to face with his brother's accused killer was too much for Tehran Boldon. He broke down, tucked his head inside his shirt, and remembered cab driver Michael Boldon. 
"This is the hardest thing anyone has to go through -- facing a killer -- facing someone like that," Boldon said. 
This is the first time he's seen Harris in a Las Vegas court because of a hold up in Harris' extradition from Los Angeles where police said he fled after the shooting in February. 
A video released Tuesday shows police booking Harris into the Clark County Detention Center to face prosecution. 
"We are going to move forward with our prosecution and I'm sure justice will be had at the right time," Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson, said. 
In court Harris told the judge he couldn't afford a lawyer even though the man who calls himself a pimp is seen in a YouTube video counting cash. It's these assets that victim Kenny Cherry's family will go after in a wrongful death lawsuit. 
Harris is accused of shooting Cherry while driving and causing the fiery crash on the Strip that killed three people, including the cab driver and his passenger. 
Bob Beckett, a lawyer who represents the Cherry family, said Harris is worth more than $1 million. Not only does Cherry's family want a financial settlement, they also want the death penalty for Harris. 
"My family just wants justice for all three families," Cherry's cousin, Shanna Cherry, said. "We all have the same hurt, nobody's loss is greater than anyone else."
"I hope they punish him as much as this court can," Boldon said. "He doesn't deserve to walk right now."