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Girlfriend of rapper killed on Las Vegas Strip defends his reputation

Posted at 11:33 AM, Feb 26, 2013

Asmayti "May" Hagos, the 22-year-old girlfriend of the aspiring rapper Kenneth Cherry Jr., called a press conference today at the Greco Law Group office in downtown Las Vegas to talk about her relationship with Cherry and his past.

Cherry was shot and killed in the early morning hours of Feb. 21 as he drove down the Las Vegas Strip after an altercation began in the valet area of the Aria hotel and casino.

Hagos was responding to media reports that Cherry was involved in pimping and prostitution and that is what he and his accused shooter Ammar Harris was arguing about when they left Haze nightclub at the Aria last Thursday morning.

Cherry's girlfriend told those gathered that those allegations are just not true and that the two men did not know each other. Hagos also said that Cherry was not a pimp but a loving father that supported her and their two-month-old daughter.

However, Hagos would not say how Cherry afforded his Maserati and his living expenses. She would only say that he was an aspiring rapper who promoted his shows in Las Vegas.

Hagos admitted that she has a criminal record for prostitution but said that Cherry is actually the one that helped her get away from that lifestyle and turn her life around.

Hagos says that she came forward because she believes that Cherry is being vilified and she wanted to set the record straight.

She also said that Cherry was a funny guy and the gangster persona that he portrayed in his online videos was just that and that wasn't him in real life.

Ammar Harris is still on the run and law enforcement officials are now looking for him in former places of residence as well as Nevada and neighboring states.

Two other people also died that day. Local taxi driver Michael Boldon and his passenger Sandi Sutton from the Seattle area were killed when Cherry's Maserati slammed into Boldon's taxi after he had been shot.

Their deaths have also been ruled as homicides.