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Air conditioning repair teams busy as temperatures rise

Posted at 5:55 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 02:44:04-04

Air conditioners are working overtime to beat the heat, as temperatures approached 110 degrees Wednesday.

Some are conking out when customers need them the most, keeping air conditioning repair crews busy.

At one home, the indoor temperature was nearly 100 degrees after the air conditioning went out.

"It's too hot not to have the air conditioning working," said homeowner Tony Mordent.

He had just drove back from a road trip to Los Angeles and was hoping to find some relief from the heat after driving through the desert. But when he got home, he got hit with an unforgiving wave of heat.

"It was like a spa," Mordent said. "... The bedroom thermostat said 99 degrees."

It was so hot inside, he wanted to go outside where temperatures were even hotter.

"It's really uncomfortable," Mordent said. "You want to go outside where it was 107 rather than stay in here because there was no air."

Service crews from Yes Air Conditioning and Plumbing came to the rescue, swapping out the old unit with a new one.

Lance Fernandez with Yes says it's critical to get your air conditioning units checked every year.

"It's 110-115 degrees, so it's a necessity, not a luxury," he said.

Meanwhile, it was so warm inside 6-year-old Ashton Snobel’s home that a fan that runs 24 hours a day barely helps to cool the house down.
“Right now the thermostat is showing 88 degrees,” said Ashton’s father, Zach Snobel, a homeowner in Summerlin.
The air conditioner broke down in Zach and Amanda Snobel’s home a couple of weeks ago.
“Right now it’s just blowing hot air,” Snobel said.
Ashton and siblings Jayden and Connor don’t like that one bit.
“It’s getting hotter and I’m already starting to sweat,” Snobel said.
They keep the fans running seven days a week so their home doesn’t turn into a furnace.
“We turned off the fan and my 2-year-old was yelling ‘no, no, no!’” Snobel said.
The Snobels are running their air conditioner constantly but it’s no use.
“Once we turned it on, it was about 84 in the house. In order for it to get to 83, it took about 12 hours,” Snobel said.
“If you don’t try and do anything to cool the house down that house will go to at least 115,” said Don Viteg, a repairman with Aire Serv heating and air conditioning.

Viteg said everyone’s air conditioning is working overtime.
“I’m on call right now. My phone won’t stop ringing,” Viteg said.
Temperatures that hot are dangerous.

“It could be life or death,” Viteg said.