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Action News viewer helps catch thief

Posted at 7:49 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 22:08:13-05
13 Action News was on the scene as a man was place in handcuffs and arrested, all thanks to one of our viewers who spotted something familiar on a home security video we showed in our newscast.
On Monday night, we broadcasted surveillance video of a man stealing from a porch using a car he allegedly stole.
One of our viewers spotted the car Tuesday at a gas station on Tenaya Way and Alexander Road. They called police just in time to make the arrest.
The man who spotted the car was just a customer at store near the gas station. When the driver went inside, the man called the police.
When our news crew arrived, the suspect was in handcuffs. We put a microphone in his face and he told us, to “get away.”
Also at the gas station was the Wayne family who's been looking for the car since Friday when it went missing from their driveway.  
Kimberly Wayne even saw it on the road Saturday and called police.
"I called them while we were in somewhat of a high speed chase, I mean we were on Cheyenne going upward of 50 to 70 miles," said Kim.
But, the driver escaped from view.
Scott Rebik was one of the thousands of viewers who watched our story so he was caught off guard when he saw a similar-looking car pull up to the gas station.
"The car looked exactly like the same car I saw from the news," said Rebik.
But before taking action, he hesitated.
"I waited until he got out of the car so I could identify him from Channel 13 news," said Rebik.
Rebik says he recognized his tattooed arms.
"I called 311,” he said. “They put me through to 911 and I guess I was correct. It was the guy."
Jeffrey Wayne, who owns the car, called us immediately to report the good news.
"Happy to see it,” Jeffrey said. "It's not totally trashed, so that's good news."
Rebik is glad he could help.
"I think it's great,” he said. “I've been robbed on my own property twice. All my chainsaws for my tree service. Twice within six months. I like to put any criminals behind bars."
Several of Jeffrey's belongings were still in the car, but police also found drug paraphernalia, IDs, and women's clothing -- none of which belonged to Jeffrey.
He says he thinks karma's going to get the suspect back as much as anything else.