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Action News talks to jaywalking pedestrians

Posted at 6:57 PM, Dec 04, 2015
Action News visited one of the most dangerous spots for pedestrians on Friday morning: Boulder Highway near Russell Road.
One pedestrian was killed there on Thursday night and it was not the first time.
During our visit to the area, we noticed several people trying to sprint across 6 lanes of traffic, just feet away from a crosswalk.
We even spoke to some of the people in the area and they told us that they do it because it is quicker to run across the highway than to use a crosswalk. They also told us that the crosswalks are too far apart and the lights don't give pedestrians long enough to cross at a normal pace.
Police are definitely tired of pedestrians dying in the Las Vegas valley.
There have been 113 traffic-related deaths in Las Vegas this year.