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A Las Vegas non-profit is keeping homeowners in their affordable houses, and expects to be busy soon

Posted at 9:32 PM, Apr 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-27 00:44:23-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Michael Chin-Sing has lived on a fixed income in Henderson for years after suffering a stroke, and said he watched, like many others like him, as the house he called home slowly became uninhabitable due to an aging plumbing system under his floorboards.

"I had no hope," Chin-Sing said.

He said his insurance wouldn't cover the cost of replacing the cast iron plumbing under his home so he called Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, a non-profit specializing in keeping people in their low-cost housing.

Director Bob Cleveland said the damage was extensive when his crews surveyed the property

"It wasn't cracked in one spot," he said. "It was actually cracked and disintegrated in several spots."

Chin-Sing couldn't continue to afford staying in a hotel for $100 a night, and feared he would have to offload the home and find a cheap apartment, but Rebuilding Together stepped in to help.

With the aid of a "home funding" grant from the City of Henderson, Cleveland said they were able to invest roughly $35,000 in the home tearing out floors, repairing the plumbing, and then installing new sinks, toilets, floors, water heaters, and more.

"I am above excited because it's like a miracle," Chin-Sing said. "I couldn't believe all this could happen to me and not one red cent out of my pocket."

Chin-Sing is just one of many people who Rebuilding together has helped keep a roof over their heads over a 28 year history.

Cleveland said more than 8,300 people have been able to keep their affordable home, and, as the housing crisis in Southern Nevada worsens amid skyrocketing home prices, Cleveland said their efforts will soon be supercharged.

Cleveland said help from the federal infrastructure bill and the state's Home Means Nevada investment into home remodeling will allow them to reach more people quickly.

"Our goal is to keep them in their homes so it remains affordable," he said, "to keep one more house on the affordable housing market and, with the affordable housing crisis, every single one counts."

Cleveland said people can help them in their efforts by donating or signing up to volunteer though the Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada website.

He also said people who know someone in need should point them in the non-profit's direction so they can get on the list for aid.

"I can't thank them enough," Chin-Sing said. "I can say I highly recommend them, and the people who need help? They will be there for them."