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UPDATE: Families celebrate Thanksgiving evening in the dark after outage

Fire at substation led to outage
Posted at 7:22 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 22:10:03-05

Power has been restored Thursday evening in the southern part of the valley after a fire at a substation.

According to NV Energy, the majority of the outage was in zip code 89141. The power went out just after 7 p.m. and NV Energy reports its cause is due to equipment.

Multiple viewers sent in photos of a nearby fire at a NV Energy substation.

NV Energy reported that a transformer failed and shorted out, starting the fire. NV Energy lost 7 major distribution lines, which affected 9,000 customers at the height of the outage.

Power is being rerouted from other sources to restore power to customers. Power was estimated to be restored between 9 and 11:15 p.m., according to NV Energy. Most customers had it restored by 10:20 p.m.

NV Energy says the transformer is filled with mineral oil so it may smoke and smolder for the next day before it can be replaced.

Firefighters say the had to wait to go into the substation when they arrived to make sure all power was shut off before they could put any water on the fire.

Everyone 13 Action News spoke with said they were trying to make the best of the situation with their friends and family.

"You get all the candles out and you can't sit around," said Ernest Vilkin. "Kind of wind down and everybody wanted to leave because the parties over."

Others said they were just glad the outage was only 3 hours and they were able to make sure their leftovers weren't spoiled in the refrigerator.