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Reward given to person who turned in swan killer

Posted at 5:53 PM, Mar 14, 2016
Reward money was issued on Monday to the person who turned in the teenager responsible for killing several swans at Desert Shores park.
Desert Shores members and community leaders were there as the reward was handed over.
Everyone had smiles on their faces as they watched this ordeal finally come to an end.
Last year, multiple swans and ducks were found dead in Desert Shores.
Some of them had their necks snapped. Baby swans were mutilated and swan eggs were crushed.
A teen admitted to one felony charge and skipped trial in the case. He will have probation until he is 21 years old and hundreds of hours of community service. His name has not been released since he is a minor.
The person responsible for turning in the swan killer was awarded $5,000. The person was not identified.
Senator Mark Manendo also wants the community to know rewards are being offered for two other animal incidentsthat happened last month.