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UPDATE: Students recall moment bus collides with truck; driver and baby hospitalized

Posted at 10:01 AM, May 25, 2017

Las Vegas police are investigating a crash involving a school bus near the intersection of South Fort Apache and West Post roads.

The crash involved an SUV and a Clark County School District bus. The adult female driver of the SUV was transported to UMC Trauma with what appear to be serious injuries. The infant was also transported, but is expected to be OK. 

Approximately 37 students were on the bus.  At this time, injuries to students on the bus appear to be minor.  Initial reports indicate 3 students were transported to area hospitals.

"It felt like the brakes were going, so. I leaned and then it just slammed," recalled 6th grader Delaney Lindboe. 

Police said the students on the bus were heading to Faiss Middle School before their bus crashed.

"I saw all my friends crying and I look forward and saw the windshield all cracked," Lindboe said. 

Parents waited anxiously to be reunited with their children today, but many said they were able to communicate with them through texting and calling. 

"Your anxiety is high, your adrenaline is high, your mind is racing and you have no idea what is going on," said father Christopher Lewis. 

This school bus crash comes in the wake of another serious crash that killed a grandmother and left a 10-year-old girl in the hospital three weeks ago.

CCSD told 13 Action News they have reported approximately 400 school bus crashes since July 1. They stress that a school bus crash is anytime the bus collides with anything, not only a car.