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UPDATE: Boy returns to school after being hit by car while walking home

Posted at 7:22 PM, Sep 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-29 01:18:31-04

UPDATE: Devon Daigle returned to school nearly two weeks after he was hit by a car near Westcliff and Buffalo drives.  

"I'm just glad the car wasn't going super, super fast," said Daigle.

The 11-year-old was all smiles as he prepared for classes at Johnson Junior High. Scabs still covered his hands.

"It don't hurt as much," he said, "I had a long time of like recovering."

13 Action News was there as he walked back to school on the same route. Multiple parents say safety changes need to be made to that intersection.

"I've seen kids almost get hit a couple of times," said one mom. "I think that really they need to have a crossing guard or some kind of better light system there."

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department say they aren't in charge of determining whether a crossing guard is needed. We were referred to a private company called All City Management Services.

Chris O'Connor, director of Operations at ACMS, called 13 Action News Wednesday evening. O'Connor says LVMPD is actually in charge of making that determination.

13 Action News will follow up with LVMPD during normal business hours.

Meanwhile, the city of Las Vegas says they will be sending out a team to examine that intersection as well.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Devon Daigle, 11, was hit by a car while walking home from Johnson Junior High School. Daigle's grandmother says a Clark County School District policy is putting students' lives at risk. 

The crash happened Thursday afternoon near Westcliff and Buffalo drives. Police say Daigle ran in front of a moving car. Moments before the crash, Daigle says he recalled hearing a friend tell him to cross.

"Hurry up, because we only had three more seconds," said Daigle, "so I just ran across."

The child did not make it across the road before he was hit. He suffered cuts and bruises on his arms and legs.

"My arms, my hands," Daigle said from the hospital.

For months, Daigle's grandmother, Antoinette Singleton, has been working to get him a school bus.

In fact, 13 Action News was set to interview the family about this issue on Friday. Just hours before the interview, 13 Action News discovered the child had been hit by a car.

Singleton says Daigle's route from school to home, about 1.3 miles, is dangerous.

At one point, the 11-year-old has to cross the Summerlin Parkway ramp at Buffalo Drive.

According to CCSD, there are not enough resources to provide a bus for distances less than 2 miles. More than 120,000 students are transported daily along 1,591 different routes, according to the district.

Singleton says that's not acceptable. At the very least, Singleton says she wants a crossing guard at the most dangerous portions of the route.

13 Action News is working to determine how to make that route safer for Daigle and friends.