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1 October survivors being offered tips to cope during fireworks season

Posted at 1:18 PM, Jun 25, 2020

With the Independence Day holiday approaching, the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center (VSRC) encourages Nevadans to be considerate with fireworks as part of their July Fourth celebrations.

The following are recommendations to help people cope with noise during Independence Day celebrations:

- Recognize your triggers ahead of time. Talk with family and friends about how you might react or what is worrying you.

- Make a plan for coping with a reaction. Engage others who support you and communicate with them when you are beginning to feel uncomfortable.

- Use noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.

- Consider using alternatives to typical fireworks, such as sparklers.

To help educate the public, Clark County produced a 30-second PSA highlighting the impact that the sudden and unexpected noise from illegal fireworks poses for seniors, veterans, and any people who have PTSD.

Mental health professionals say family and friends can help ease the anxiety of loved ones by providing a supportive presence, anticipating possible reactions to fireworks, and preparing for it.

Officials encourage residents to be respectful of neighbors who may be sensitive to noise from fireworks.

Before igniting fireworks as part of your holiday celebration on the Fourth of July or in the days before, notify your neighbors ahead of time so they can prepare for the noise.

The PSA can be viewed at here. People are encouraged to report the use of illegal fireworks at ISpyFireworks.com instead of calling 911.