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1 October survivor has business equipment stolen from storage facility

Posted at 7:38 AM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 12:20:47-04

A man survives the 1 October shooting, but now he's facing a new struggle. He says he had tens of thousands of dollars worth of cooling equipment stolen from his storage facility.  

Mike Merced, of Mobile Misting Cooling Fans, was storing his equipment inside Life Storage on Cheyenne for the winter. The last time he used everything was for the Route 91 Festival, where he was a vendor. The shooting put him out of business for weeks, while investigators combed through the evidence. Now that the weather is warmer, he may be out of business again.  

Merced says his equipment trailer was stolen with over $60,000 worth of cooling fans inside.  

He says even though this is a blow to his business, it doesn't compare to what he went through back in October.  

"As a survivor, we just have to push ourselves forward," says Merced. "We're not going to let evil ever win.  We do believe love wins." 

Merced says the storage facility didn't tell him about his equipment, and he didn't find out about it until he went to retrieve his equipment for the summer.  

13 Action News stepped in to make some calls, but Life Storage refused to comment.  

According to their website, they do require insurance.  

Acquiring insurance is one way you can keep your own valuables safe while they're in storage. You can also search for a facility with protection. Make sure the storage facility has surveillance cameras pointed towards your property, and ask about their policy. Some facilities only keep surveillance footage for a certain number of days.  

Also, purchase a lock that is difficult to pick or cut. Criminals will move on if a quality lock proves too difficult to cut.  

Merced does have a reward for anybody who has seen his equipment. He says it's an 18-foot Phoenix trailer with 14 cooling fans inside.