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Never pay full price for anything

Posted at 12:29 PM, Feb 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-12 15:45:04-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Everyone likes a good sale. But hunting for the best bargains can take time. The good news is, these days there are tools available, to bring the deals to you. 13 Consumer Advocate Tricia Kean looks at how to make sure you never overpay for anything again.

"Going out and going shopping... I kind of dread it," says Beverly Pennant.

She's a busy mom with an 8-year-old and 5-month-old. She also works full-time. So when it comes to getting any shopping done, Beverly prefers to avoid the car seats and stroller and shops online.

"I like Amazon, Target or Etsy. I do Carter's a lot now with kids. But mainly Amazon," says Beverly.

She says she likes reading the comments on Amazon before buying something. But she doesn't spend a lot of time comparison shopping.

"I'm really about convenience at this point," says Beverly.

Finding the best deal doesn't have to be hard. There are a bunch of digital tools to help. Best of all, most of them are absolutely free.

"They keep adding so many and there's a lot of competition now," says Sarah McDuffie.

She's a mother of seven and contributor for Vegas Family Events. She says if you're looking to try a discount tool, start with PriceBlink.

"I highly recommend that one. It's got coupons and a lot of different things you can do," says Sarah.

PriceBlink plugs into a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Then when you search for something, it automatically does a price comparison, to find you the best deal. Other browser add-ons worth trying are InvisibleHand and Camelizer.

Now let's say you just can't find a discount on a certain item. Then you may want to try a price alert. Apps like PriceTracker, Shop It To Me and Slickdeals will let you know when the price drops on your item.

You can also try coupons. But you don't have to flip through circulars or the paper anymore.

"SnipSnap is really easy," says Sarah.

The latest coupons are sent directly to your phone. Just type in your favorite store. You can also try Coupon Sherpa.

"They're simple enough to check and see if you might be able to save $10 off $30, or am I gonna save 5%," says Sarah.

Finally, one other option worth trying are price adjustment apps; like Moolah or Paribus. These link to your email to find receipts. If the price drops on something you've purchased, they automatically send you a refund.

In the end, no matter how you choose to save, Sarah says don't get overwhelmed.

"My biggest thing is to be patient... My suggestion is always to start with one," says Sarah.

Now remember, these tools ask for access to your information in order to help you save. So be sure to carefully read the terms of use when signing up.