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Charmin's 'Forever Roll' is a giant roll of toilet paper designed for millennials

Posted at 2:32 PM, Jul 08, 2019

It's no secret that millennials have different purchasing habits than their parents — and now Proctor and Gamble is gambling that young people will buy in to a new way to buy toilet paper.

Charmin's new Forever Roll is a month's supply of toilet paper in one giant roll. The giant roll holds 850 sheets, works with its own holder, and is designed to last a single person an entire month. The product also features a subscription service, that will deliver three rolls over three months for $13.17 — with free shipping.

The Forever Roll is getting rave reviews from millennials, including fro The Cut saying "we live along in small rentals, and are constantly working" (so this is perfect for us).

Problem for older homes

However, the Forever Roll and other popular "mega" roll packs are too big for the ceramic holder in older houses and apartments. Even with some standard rolls, 20 or 30 sheets need to be used just to make the roll fit into the holder.

If the Charmin Forever Roll has you tied up in knots, and vowing you'll never buy it, that's probably intentional.

Charmin knows that many older people will want nothing to do with it, and has no plans to phase out their standard paper.

But it sure is generating a lot of publicity for a topic we don't think about much.


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