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Medic West paramedics recognized as Vegas Stronger Champions after grueling dog rescue

Posted at 10:51 AM, May 01, 2019
and last updated 2022-01-13 12:48:40-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Medic West paramedics Tim Soule and Dieyon Scott were sitting in their ambulance at the base of Sunset Mountain when a man alerted them to an injured dog.

They knew they had a decision to make: wait for Animal Control to arrive on scene and conduct its own search or spring into action themselves.

“Certainly if my dogs were lost like that I would hope that we would be able to find them," said Soule, a 25-year veteran paramedic. "It would be devastating. They’re a part of your family. They are family.”

What Soule and Scott didn’t know at the time was that just a few blocks away, the dog's family was worried sick. The day before, Bella had been clipped by a car outside the family’s home and ran away in pain.

The paramedics set off on a 45-minute trek up the mountain in search of Bella.

“When we got up to her, it was really scared and shaking," said Scott. "It looked like it had been in so much pain just standing there."

Bella's paws were badly injured and bleeding so Scott and Soule used a sheet to fashion a makeshift backpack to carry Bella.

“She was just watching and looking around, not trying to get out at all. She was very comfortable and I think very happy to be carried downhill," said Soule.

As soon as Soule, Scott and Bella made it to the bottom, fate stepped in.

“It was a very cool, kind of God thing," said Soule. "We brought Bella down, we’re bandaging her paws. An elderly couple had comes by and said they’d seen a notice that she’d been lost and gave a phone number. We called the family and they came and we had a very tearful and joyful reunion.”

“Just to finally have their family member back like Tim said. I mean, family is the most important thing. You know and a dog is a part of your family so it was a good experience for both of us as well as the family.”

Soule and Scott say what they did for Bella and her family that day was nothing special - that helping people is what they do every day. But we believe their quick action and compassion deserve to be recognized. That’s why they’re our Vegas Stronger Champions.

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