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Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements Are Starting To Pop Up On Social Media And They’re Hilarious

Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements Are Starting To Pop Up On Social Media And They’re Hilarious
Posted at 6:30 AM, Jun 19, 2020

It’s been about three months since the COVID-19 pandemic started causing people to stick more closely to home for an extended period. As a result, they had a lot of free time on their hands. When that happens … let’s just say “Netflix and chill” becomes a more common thing. And we all know the “chill” part is just a euphemism.

Some people wondered early on if a baby boom might be the result of families isolating themselves. And, while experts don’t expect a full-fledged baby boom from our time inside, couples who recently discovered they are expecting a baby are having a little fun connecting social distancing to their child’s conception.

A number of adorable (and funny) baby announcements are popping up around social media to add a little humor and joy to the current mood.

Instagrammer @msmariealvarez1 of Las Vegas, Nevada posted a photo of a onesie proclaiming “My parents did not practice social distancing” with the caption “Proof quarantine wasn’t always boring.”

Taylor, a mom of three beautiful children, shared a post on her Instagram account @gratefulanddiffused about the upcoming December 2020 arrival of baby No. 4 while joking about how the world was hoarding personal protective equipment.

“I think we stocked up on the wrong protection,” the expectant mom’s sign read.

Meanwhile, Brittany Carnegie Benson shared the exciting news of baby No. 6 by creating a DIY display of empty toilet paper rolls in the shape of a heart.

“Love is in stock!” the photo announced via a cute onesie, shown along with a photo of the baby’s ultrasound. Looks like they’ll be needing more diapers!

Other moms focused on gratitude in their pregnancy announcement posts. Rebecca Louise, an artist and mother from the U.K. who posts under @by_rebecca_louise on Instagram, explained her absence from the social platform with a beautiful announcement.

“Out of difficulties grow miracles. Due Dec. 2020,” a sign reads with the ultrasound photo tucked inside the frame. On one side sits a pair of baby booties; on the other, there’s an item made by Louise.

“I had to include one of my stackable rainbows in my announcement for our rainbow baby,” the caption read.

We can’t wait to see more of the upcoming baby arrival announcements over the following weeks and months. Congratulations to all these families!

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