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This company will pay you $30 an hour to eat candy

This company will pay you $30 an hour to eat candy
Posted at 10:33 AM, Jan 22, 2021

If your dream job involves something similar to working in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, get your resume ready. Canada’s largest candy distributor, Candy Funhouse, is looking for 10 official “candyologists,” also known as a candy and chocolate taste-testers!

The jobs are open to anyone living in North America. Two full-time taste testers will be paid $30 an hour, while eight part-time testers will make $26 per hour.


Those chosen will be responsible for tasting and reviewing candy from the 3,000 products Candy Funhouse currently carries. The Candyologists will also play a role in selecting the candy that will be a part of the company’s first branded candy line, choosing 10 original candies after narrowing down hundreds of sweet possibilities.

You don’t need a resume, just a love for candy, a high school diploma, basic writing and communication skills and no food allergies. You must also be 18 years or older and fluent in English. The full-time gig will require in-person testing, while the part-time employees will have the candy shipped to them.

While there is no experience required, applicants who have an interest in candy, pop culture and media will be given preference. You have until Feb. 15 to apply.

Candy Funhouse isn’t the only company looking to pay you to eat some delicious food. BonusFinder is looking for someone to binge-watch Netflix while eating pizza.

If chosen, you’ll be rewarded with a Netflix account, pizza delivery and movie snacks, plus, $500.

All you have to do is watch 12 shows they have selected, plus one of your own choosing, while eating pizza, then report back with your reviews by judging things like the acting quality and cheesiness of the shows and the appearance, color, texture and taste of the pizza. You have until Feb. 12 to enter.


Are you ready to apply for these gigs? Or are you sticking to good-for-you resolutions in 2021?

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