UPDATE: Clark County claiming owners of nude lifestyles resort avoiding them

Posted at 1:38 PM, Apr 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-10 12:04:10-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — UPDATE AUG. 10: Clark County is claiming that the owners of Zen Temple are avoiding being served. Their attorney says they are not aware that the county has been trying to serve them and would never avoid process servers.

This motion was the first we heard that Clark County had even attempted to serve Mr. and Mrs. Wohl. They certainly have never evaded service and can not explain how the County cannot figure out how to serve them. They continue to look forward to putting this matter to bed.

Clark County has filed a lawsuit against a nude resort and lifestyles club classified as a church.

The lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday, is asking for Sea Mountain One Love Temple and Zen Temple at 2461 and 2471 E. Harmon Ave. to be closed down. Additionally, it is asking the owners to pay $15,000 in unpaid taxes, fees and interest.

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Co-defendants Dewey and Julie Wohl are listed as the owners of the property, which is zoned as residential. The lawsuit claims that the Wohls have been using the property for commercial purposes, including serving liquor and food, offering spa services and massages, making it available as short-term lodging, and using it as a nightclub/lounge.

The lawsuit also claims that the Wohls made several modifications to the property and its pool and never obtained the necessary approvals or permits to make the modifications.

Additionally, the Wohls never obtained a permit to serve food from the Southern Nevada Health District, according to the county.

Clark County says that the violations "cause irreparable harm by compromising the health and safety of the residents of Clark County" and "has and will continue to reduce property values, and has and will continue to compromise the serenity of the surrounding neighborhood."

The home was designated as a place of worship and nonprofit under its previous ownership and a sign in front of the home says Zen Temple. The property was purchased by the Wohls in 2016.

The Wohls provided the following statement:

We met with the District Attorney’s Office last week and have another meeting scheduled with the County. The County has been receptive in our discussions. We are looking forward to putting the erroneous allegations to bed and returning to our quiet enjoyment of our property.