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Amazon is now selling a tiny home ‘cube’ that has a full kitchen

Amazon is now selling a tiny home ‘cube’ that has a full kitchen
Posted at 11:50 AM, Oct 09, 2019

If you have decided a minimalist lifestyle is right for you, perhaps you are in the market for a tiny house. It’s not hard to see why, as tiny homes are becoming increasingly impressive, affordable and accessible.

You might build one from the ground up, hire a builder to do it for you or even transform a shipping container into a livable space.

Or you could just shop for one on Amazon.

Amazon has sold a variety of tiny houses for some time. Recently, they added an even tinier option to their product offerings.

NOMAD Micro Homes

The NOMAD Micro Home

The NOMAD Cube is ultra-tiny: It is 13.5′ x 13.5′, with 182 square feet on the main floor and 120 square feet in the loft.

Manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, the NOMAD Cube is actually a DIY kit. The makers state on Amazon that the cube can be assembled within days by people “with handyman-level skills.” With a foundation ready and utility services installed, they estimate that it takes between three and five days to assemble the structure, roof, exterior finishes, windows and doors.

The energy-efficient house is prepped for off-grid living, and available add-ons include the NOMAD H2O Treatment for $9,500 on Amazon(so you’ll need to factor that into the price). It can connect with the toilet, shower, and sinks, among other options.

However, it is important to note that the plumbing, heating and electrical need to be installed by local contractors, and the home includes neither a heating or cooling system nor appliances or furnishings. Only the cabinets and fixtures are preinstalled. You’ll need to factor those purchases into your decision-making as well.

NOMAD Micro Homes

Take a Virtual Tour

This video walkthrough allows you to see what life in this micro home might be like. The living and kitchen area are tiny, yet fully-functional. Climb the stairs to access the cozy sleeping loft.

And yes, the bathroom includes a flushing toilet, a sink and a shower!

Interested? You can order the micro home from Amazon for $38,800 with a max of $3,968.32 for shipping. The closer to Vancouver that the cube is delivered, the lower the shipping will be.

If you’re looking for financing options (or more information), visit NOMAD Micro Homes online.

What do you think about living in the NOMAD cube?

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