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Springs Preserve Nature Exchange keeps kids engaged for summer

Kids explore Nevada's desert
Posted at 6:55 AM, Jul 01, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Sometimes the best education happens when kids are having so much fun they don't even realize they're learning. And the Springs Preserve makes that happen through its free nature exchange. Some fresh air and fun trading can stop the summer slide in your kids.

"I really wonder what this thing is."

Seth Broderson is a curious hiker. His family hits the trails around Henderson whenever possible.

Mom Corrina says, "I think it's important for kids to be outside as much as possible."

But 8-year-old Seth and 6-year-old Anna aren't passive hikers. They are observing and learning about Nevada's desert.

"What was it called? The bug? Yeah, the tarantula hawk."

Corrina says, "When we get home we do further research on what they've learned or any samples they've collected."

It's her way of stopping the summer slide.

"When we're going to start school again, its not such an uphill battle."

Getting outside and getting fresh air and exercise is great for the kids. but this is only part of the adventure. Once the kids collect, sketch, and research they bring their discoveries to the Springs Preserve for a nature swap.

Senior Naturalist Chris Sakmar says, "We give points for what they bring in but extra points for how much they know about it. So we are tricking them into learning about nature. Don't tell them."

The kids then use those points to buy nature items like rocks, minerals, and shells.

"Let's give you 300 points, how is that?"

The program is free. You don't have to be a member of the Springs Preserve. So take advantage! You never know what your kids might learn.