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You Can Now Buy Starburst-Flavored Fruit By The Foot

You Can Now Buy Starburst-Flavored Fruit By The Foot
Posted at 5:30 AM, Jun 19, 2020

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Fruit by the Foot was a staple in every ’90s kid’s lunchbox. And now, a whole new generation can enjoy the iconic snack made by Betty Crocker. But this time, they can get their fruity fix in Starburst flavors.

The new Fruit by the Foot is available in all four original Starburst flavors: strawberry (pink), orange (orange), lemon (yellow) and cherry (red) and come in packs of six. So far, they’ve been spotted on Instacart for $3.49 and Kroger for $3, and Instagram user @foodiewiththebeasts notes that they’re also available at ShopRite.

Meanwhile, we’re cracking up at Facebook user Nicolle Kenyon’s post about the new product:

“Just thought the world would like to know that Fruit by the Foot and Starburst got together and had the most magnificent child!” she writes.


There’s no word yet on whether or not the new product comes with those stickers that the original Fruit by the Foot came with. After all, back in the day, they were totally part of the fun. But either way, it sounds like this product is delivering a whole lot of sweet nostalgia.

Fruit by the Foot is not the only classic treat to get a modern-day makeover. Remember Fruit Gushers? If you miss this ’90s snack staple, Welch’s has introduced Juicefuls, chewy fruit snacks filled with liquid fruit flavors that are reminiscent of Gushers while being a bit more sophisticated, so you totally don’t have to feel embarrassed about toting these in your very “adult” brown bag office lunch.

And earlier this year, Dunkaroos fans got the exciting news that this throwback treat would be back in stores by summer 2020. The unique cookie and frosting snack indeed began rolling out at select retailers at the end of May.

When Joey Escribano got his hands on a pack, he wasn’t taking any chances, as evidenced by this photo he posted to Twitter of the snack safely strapped into a seatbelt in the back seat of a car:

“Keep what you love safe at all times,” he cheekily captioned the photo.

On the other hand, it’s sad thinking about all the retro snacks that have sadly been lost to the sands of time. Never getting the chance to bite into a Magic Middle again seems downright cruel, and who could forget the pure snacking pleasure that was Munch ‘Ems?

Here’s hoping all those brands we loved back then are listening and we’ll get the chance to enjoy even more ’90s snacks as adults!

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