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You Can Now Eat Jolly Ranchers Cereal For Breakfast

You Can Now Eat Jolly Ranchers Cereal For Breakfast
Posted at 6:24 AM, Dec 16, 2019

It may be a guilty pleasure, but there’s something about those sugary cereals that we just can’t get over. We even find ways to spike up the sugar content in our already sweet breakfasts by combining our favorite snacks and candy into our morning meals.

For instance, Hostess recently announced a brand new Twinkies cereal and Yoplait just revealed Starburst-flavored yogurt. If that’s not enough sweetness for you, then buckle in those taste buds. General Mills just announced a new cereal that’s packed with the fruity flavor of Jolly Rancher candies!

General Mills

You can now enjoy a bowlful of one of your favorite sticky-sweet candies as a legit breakfast option!

Jolly Rancher Cereal is being sold exclusively at Walmart, according to an email we received from the company, and it sells for $3.64 a box. And, just like the bags of the classic candy, the new Jolly Rancher Cereal has a variety of flavors, including green apple, blue raspberry, cherry, grape and watermelon. Sure, you can’t pick out your favorites (cherry for this girl), but they are sure to make a fantastic, fruity combination in the bowl!

Recently, Instagrammer @i_need_a_snack picked up a box of the new cereal and posted a detailed review.

“Right off the bat after opening this cereal, you’re greeted with a sweet and flavorful smell just like an assortment bag of Jolly Ranchers!” the reviewer posted on Instagram.

But, while the scent connected perfectly with classic Jolly Ranchers, apparently the taste didn’t quite remind the poster of the iconic candies. But it wasn’t a total miss, as the review still said Jolly Ranchers Cereal had a “really good” flavor that reminded them of another popular cereal.

“I feel like these guys are just a re-branded Trix,” @i_need_a_snack wrote. “And I love Trix, so I’m in no way saying this cereal is bad. It’s actually really good.”

Would you give Jolly Ranchers Cereal a try? If so, be on the look out for it in the cereal section at your local Walmart.

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