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You Can Buy Celebrity Fisher-Price Figures Of The Beatles, KISS And More On Amazon

You Can Buy Celebrity Fisher-Price Figures Of The Beatles, KISS And More On Amazon
Posted at 10:43 AM, Aug 01, 2019

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It’s likely been a while since you’ve had the joy of playing with those adorable Fisher-Price Little People. You remember those classic toys from when you were a kid, right? Not only are they still popular, but they’re now available as more than just your average little people. That’s right. Fisher-Price’s Little People now count some of your favorite celebrities among their offerings.

For the kid in all of us, Fisher-Price designed a series of celebrity collector sets that tap into some major nostalgia. And you can pick them up from Amazon for a limited time!

So who do they have?

Fisher-Price The Beatles Yellow Submarine Little People

Beatlemaniacs and even casual Beatles fans will love this Fab Four Little People collection. Miniature versions of John, Paul, George and Ringo are dressed in their groovy garb from the 1968 classic animated film. Who wouldn’t love to live in a Yellow Submarine with these cuties? The figures measure just under 3 inches tall and sell for $19.99.


Fisher-Price Kiss Little People

If the glam rock scene is more your style, you’ll want to pick up this KISS Little People quartet! All four band members, including Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, are in full makeup and costume and ready to rock and roll all night and party every day. Each band member is just under 3 inches tall and posed like the ultimate rock star. The set is available for $19.99.


Fisher-Price WWE Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage Little People

Somehow, Fisher-Price managed to capture the larger-than-life personalities of two of WWE’s biggest legends in Little People form. Both the Ultimate Warrior and old-school Macho Man Randy Savage look ready to fly off the ropes and into the ring for a rumble. Their colorful costumes are classic WWE and make them a must-have for any wrestling fan/collector. You can pick up both figures, measuring just under 3 inches, for only $9.99.


What other celebrities will be immortalized in Little People form? We’ll have to wait and see!

Fisher-Price Little People: A History

These figures have been around since the1950s, when the company introduced plastic barrel-bodied figures with round heads as drivers in toy cars that could be pulled by kids. But they were attached and couldn’t be taken out.

Then, in 1959, Fisher-Price introduced a toy called the Safety Bus, which included an attached bus driver and six child characters who could be moved and played with separately. The toy did so well, Fisher-Price started creating other toys with little people. Of course, they weren’t officially called Little People until 1985, but fans used that name for years before Fisher Price trademarked it.

Many of us who played with Little People remember their “peg” style, but before 1965, these toys were just straight cylinders. Then in 1986, they made the cover of a book called “Toys That Kill,” which ended the peg design even though the toys were only dangerous if pulled apart by hand.

People still have fond memories of playing with the the peg-style Little People, if their presence on social media is any indication!

Here’s a posed image from @toyboxdog:

And here’s a set of the vintage toys having a summer picnic, as posted by

This Instagrammer likes to put Little People in front of artistic backdrops. Calling herself a collector, @mostlylittleart even renders Little People in paint:

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Lucky loves hanging out in the gallery window, this time front and center- and right in the middle of the bluebonnets! He’s attempting to take the perfect family photo. I hear that Suzy just won’t sit still. Geez! For any friends of Lucky’s who aren’t Texans, this time of year the bluebonnets (our state flower) start blooming, and the photo sessions do too. Lots of kiddos have posed in the middle of a patch of bluebonnets over the years. It’s a favorite family photo op, at least in my part of Texas. #MostlyLittleArt #littledogdowntown #littledogbigadventure #FisherPriceLittlePeople #LuckyTheDog #FPLP #VintageFisherPrice #FisherPriceLittlePeopleArt #MostlyLittleArt.Etsy #goldenpaints #i❤fisherpricefridays #i❤fisherpricefridays

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The “Chunky” style that followed the end of the “peg” era never got popular, so the current design rolled out in 1997. Since then Little People have starred in a TV show, books and a live show. The playsets are key, and remain popular with children today even if the characters look a bit more sophisticated than they used to!

Do you have fond memories of Fisher-Price’s Little People?

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