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Vin Diesel Walked Late Costar Paul Walker’s Daughter, Meadow, Down The Aisle At Her Wedding

Vin Diesel Walked Late Costar Paul Walker’s Daughter, Meadow, Down The Aisle At Her Wedding
Posted at 12:55 PM, Oct 25, 2021

Meadow Walker was just 15 years old when her father, actor Paul Walker, lost his life in a car crash. But just as the “Fast and Furious” films have carried the memory of Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, forward in the franchise’s films, cast members have remained close to Meadow, who is now 22. This is especially true of Vin Diesel, who has taken his role as her godfather seriously.

Earlier this month, Meadow married actor Louis Thornton-Allan. The couple wed in an intimate beach ceremony in the Dominican Republic, during which Diesel proudly walked the bride down the aisle and gave her away.

Paul Walker’s team posted a video with moments from the wedding, which Meadow retweeted.

“Congratulations to the newly weds @MeadowWalker and Louis,” tweeted @RealPaulWalker. “We are so excited for you and your journey ahead. To many years of happiness and love!”

In an interview with Extra earlier this year, Diesel discussed his relationship with Meadow, referring to Paul as his brother.

“She takes good care of me,” he told Extra. “She’s the first person on Father’s Day to wish me Happy Father’s Day. To see her with my children is one of the most beautiful things. There are moments when I see her playing with Pauline and it hits me so deep ’cause I can only imagine what my brother sees when he sees that… I feel very protective. It goes beyond the movie.”

The pandemic affected their wedding plans, Meadow told Vogue.

“Louis’s family wasn’t able to attend,” she said. “A lot of close friends whom we consider family were also unable to attend due to travel restrictions.”

However, Diesel and other important members of her father’s movie family were able to make it. Actor Jordana Brewster, who portrays Brian’s partner Mia in the “Fast” films, was at the ceremony, as were Diesel’s children. Brewster shared a black-and-white photo of the guests gathered around the couple, who were in a vintage automobile.

“I’m so happy for you beauty,” Brewster wrote in the tweet.

“We couldn’t have imagined it to be any more perfect and personal,” Meadow told Vogue, “and honestly it was easy and simple. Louis and I knew exactly what we wanted from the start. It was a very intimate celebration.”

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