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CCSD says they've made progress on teacher shortage

Posted at 3:52 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 21:01:33-04

With the start of the school year just over a week away, the district has focused on addressing the teacher shortage.

Over 1,500 new teachers are joining the district this year.  

One of those new teachers is Andrea Porth, who moved nearly 2,000 miles from Chicago to be a part of Clark County School District.  

"In Chicago, there are no supplies. I was buying my own toilet paper, my own crayons," says Porth.  

The new faces are a sign of progress for the district that is still struggling with a teacher shortage.  

According to the superintendent, the district has filled about 60% of those open positions in the classrooms.  

Skorkowsky says their recruiting department used traditional methods, like going to colleges and universities, but they also really pushed social media.  

Skorkowsky says more and more classrooms are using technology as a way to learn, and millennials are in high demand in those classrooms.  

One of the best ways to connect with millennials, is through social media.  

"We are using so much more technology in the classroom, so bringing in these young individuals who have literally grown up with it, will help reach those students of today who were born with it," says Skorkowsky.  

The district still has hundreds of positions to fill, and officials say they will continue to fill throughout the school year.