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Work continues on the Centennial Bowl

Posted at 6:00 PM, Mar 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 22:03:35-05

Work continues on the Centennial Bowl -- a $47 million project to connect U.S. 95 and the Northern 215 Beltway interchange.

More than 107,000 vehicles drive through the area every single day. 
Drivers in the area who spoke to 13 Action News don't seem to mind the construction. 
"I just go with the flow of the traffic and just take it as it comes," says Centennial Hills resident, Vickie Skidgel. "That's progress." 
The project will build north and southbound U.S. 95 connection ramps to the east and westbound 215 Beltway, respectively, while also adding a southbound collector distributor road, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation.
They're currently building a 60-foot-tall, 2,500-foot-long bridge (equal to roughly seven football fields laid end to end). On the ground crews are installing 8,200 feet of storm drainage (equal to 87 contiguous basketball courts). Improvements also include new signs, lighting and landscaping.
According to NDOT, the project provides an economic boost by creating more than 600 direct and indirect jobs.
The Centennial Bowl is scheduled to finish in the spring of 2017.