Leprechaun in the crosswalk leaves behind no luck for speeders

Leprechaun in the crosswalk
Posted at 10:49 AM, Mar 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-17 17:34:31-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Think you're in luck? Well if you're caught speeding, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says the only thing you'll be getting is a ticket.

Ahead of a potentially busy St. Patrick’s Day on the roadways, traffic safety officials want to make sure drivers are paying attention to their surroundings.

The intersection of Charleston Boulevard and Shetland Road is an area where many students use crosswalks to get to nearby schools. This area is also home to several neighborhoods near the busy roads, making it treacherous for those who walk instead of drive.

One problem for many drivers is the sun glare early in the morning while commuting eastbound along streets like Charleston Boulevard, Sahara Avenue and Flamingo Road, making it difficult for even the most aware drivers to see the flashing signage.

LVMPD officer Keith Habig has some tips for commuters who frequent Charleston and other heavily traveled roads.

“The slower you go the faster you can stop, especially when you’re heading eastbound and you have the sun it’ll just coming up in the morning it is hard to see so you wanna slow down a little bit more and be a little more cautious,” said Habig.

These crosswalk events happen around most major holidays to serve as a reminder that pedestrians and bicyclists share the road as well.

In the past, Habig has worn fairy costumes and even Santa clothes, but ahead of St. Patrick's Day, Wednesday's event featured a Leprechaun in the crosswalk. Officials hope the bright green makes you look twice before speeding by.

“We try to bring awareness if you see somebody that is dressed in an outlandish costume, such as this, we are very easy to see. Whereas the normal pedestrian out there, they’re wearing dark clothing," said Habig.

"Whether it be their deep blue jeans or black or gray jacket you blend into the pavement. So, we wanna teach people that you wear bright elaborate clothing especially if you’re gonna be walking across the street.”

The last time police held a crosswalk event, the week of Valentine's Day, they stopped 267 cars. Officials say ticket prices for being stopped for violating a crosswalk could rack up charges close to $1,000.

The bright green leprechaun costume is used to get people's attention so that you noticed them in the crosswalk. This is something that they’ve been doing during the holiday season to make sure the drivers are paying attention and watching out for pedestrians