Centennial Bowl construction to make driving safer

Posted at 8:40 AM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 11:40:46-05

Drivers in the northwest part of the valley will notice more crews in the Centennial Bowl. The Nevada Department of Transportation has started construction on the $73 million next phase of the Centennial Bowl, where the 215 Beltway meets the US 95 in northwest Las Vegas.

"If anyone has driven this interchange before, and tried to get off on different access to businesses, it's challenging," says Tracy Larkin Thomason with NDOT.

Crews are hoping to eliminate some of that driver confusion.

"When we confuse drivers, that leads to traffic crashes and traffic congestion," says Jason Buratczak with Nevada Highway Patrol.

The project is adding three new freeway ramps, including east-to-south, south-to-east and north-to-west. Crews will remove part of the Oso Blanca Road ramp, and the old north-to-west loop to make room for three new flyover ramp connections.

Right now, just over 100,000 cars travel through the Centennial Bowl every day, but according to NDOT, that number could hit 160,000 cars in just a matter of years.

This phase of construction is expected to wrap up in Spring of 2021.