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This Family’s Hilarious Parody Video Of ‘Bye Bye Bye’ Celebrates The Kids Going Back To School

Posted at 10:50 AM, Aug 19, 2019

It’s been a long summer for the parents out there — and this family, for one, is celebrating a return to the days when backpacks must be filled, lunches must be packed and the kids have to get their booties on the bus.

This hilarious video from the Holderness family remixes *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” and turns it into a song that’s perfect for back-to-school season. We guarantee that all the parents out there won’t be able to stop singing along.

Just to give you a taste of what’s in store, the couple dances on their front porch while singing lyrics such as “I love you endlessly, but I’m out of activities/so now it’s time to leave and get on that bus.”

Parents, you ready for this?

If that didn’t have you cry-laughing, you clearly haven’t had quite as long of a summer break as these parents did.

Of course, the video was all in good fun, and the parents do admit that their kids are probably sick of them, too.

“Let’s face it, our kids are happy to have time away from us too,” the parents wrote in the post’s caption. “Happy Back to School, everyone.”

And while this singalong parody is an interesting take on ringing in back-to-school time, this isn’t the first time parents have taken a moment to enjoy the return of school season online. Last school year, moms took to Instagram to ring in the first day their kids went back to school, which they called their “first day of freedom.”

Instagram user @chalkingitupboards took to Instagram to point out all of the things she was looking forward to about back to school season, including “curling up with a book” and time to “have lunch with friends” — no offense, kiddos:

Another mom, Instagram user, was excited to say “cheers” to back to school with a mimosa:

Instagram user @jess.lovelady also popped some bubbly for the joyous occasion:

Back in 2017, mom Keshia Gardner, who had five children going off to school, shared a photo on Facebook that went viral — because let’s just say she couldn’t manage to hide her enthusiasm:

It’s nice to see parents having some fun now that it’s time to send their little ones off for another year of learning. Deep down, we have a feeling they’ll actually miss having their kids around the house.

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