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UNLV basketball player can practice, not play

Posted at 10:41 AM, Mar 02, 2016

UPDATE: While Derrick Jones Jr. was allowed to resume practicing, the NCAA has not cleared him to compete in games.

UNLV filed a waiver to the NCAA regarding Jones' ineligibility. On Tuesday, the NCAA notified UNLV that relief was granted to allow him to resume practicing and receive aid (room and board). However, the NCAA has not cleared him to compete in games.

UNLV is continuing to appeal for complete relief.


A freshman UNLV basketball player was declared ineligible this week after his ACT score had been canceled.

On Monday, UNLV was notified by ACT Testing that it had canceled Derrick Jones Jr.'s ACT score, which then made him ineligible for further competition under NCAA rules.

In the fall, he was declared eligible by the NCAA to compete this season. Jones came to the Runnin' Rebels from Chester, Pennsylvania last year.

UNLV is in the process of reviewing the matter and its options with the relevant governing bodies to resolve the eligibility issues at hand.