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Raiders-themed brothel among ideas to make money on Las Vegas move

People getting creative to cash in on Raiders move
Posted at 12:04 AM, Mar 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 13:57:09-04

People around southern Nevada aren't wasting any time working up ideas to cash in on the Raiders moving to Las Vegas.

One of the more "out there" ventures is a Raiders-themed brothel.

Dennis Hof owns multiple brothels in the state and he says he's decided to open his next one with women dressed as Raiders cheerleaders and memorabilia hung on the walls.

The establishment north of Pahrump is tentatively being called the Pirate's Booty Brothel.

Hof says anyone who works for the Raiders will receive 50 percent off of all services.

"Yes, we are trying to capitalize," Hof said. "That's what Nevada's about. It's about media, it's about fun, it's about entertainment."


Hof isn't the only one outside of the Las Vegas valley hoping to make money off of the Raiders.

Miles Greengard is an attorney in Michigan who bought the website www.LVRaiders.com more than a year ago for $20. It's worth much more now.

"In my mind I see myself buying private islands," Greengard said tongue-in-cheek.

The team hasn't reached out to Greengard about buying the domain name. He says if they never do, he plans to run a team fan site.

Mark Davis, the Raiders' owner, has had www.LasVegasRaiders.com registered to his name for many years while a friend of Davis' owns www.VegasRaiders.com.

There can be big money in domain names.

The site www.LasVegasRaidersMerch.com is currently listed for sale at $10,000.