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Las Vegas 51s host home opener, win against Fresno

The team plays at home through April 17
Posted at 9:16 AM, Apr 10, 2017

Baseball season may have started a week ago, but the official start for Las Vegas residents is always marked by the Las Vegas 51s' first homestand.

The Las Vegas 51s packed the stands at Cashman Field Tuesday night for their season opener, which the team won against Fresno 21 to 6. Families were out in full force taking advantage of perfect ballpark weather.

A night at the ballpark is exactly what Alicia Willenberg, her husband and two kids were looking forward to.
"We try to come as much as possible,” Willenberg said. “It's a great time! It's fun for the family and it's cheap entertainment."
Willenberg says they take in as many as 20 games during a season.
James Morosco brought his two daughters and a neighbor friend to keep a family tradition alive. 
“We love baseball,” he said. “My grandmother just died recently and she was a massive baseball fan. So, I kind of took it upon myself to get really into baseball this year. This is opening night. Perfect!"
And they will have plenty of chances to make grandma proud. The team has six straight home games over the next week.

Dollar Beer Night returns on April 13. A favorite amongst locals, it's just one of many themed nights the team holds during their season.

For the hardcore fans, the 51s are led by first-year manager Pedro Lopez and hope to return to the PCL playoffs for the first time since 2014.

There's also the possibility, although quite rare, that Tim Tebow makes a stop in Vegas before the end of the season. So, get ready for another exciting year of 51s baseball and be sure to show your support to the local team and its players.