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Is public money for possible Raiders stadium fair?

Posted at 12:03 AM, May 26, 2016

Some consider Las Vegas to be the center of entertainment universe. And some say a new pro-football stadium would give the city enough gravity to draw the Raiders here.
The Sands Corporation, led by chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson, wants to build a $1.4 billion stadium.
The Raiders would pay $500 million. Sands would chip in $150 million. Public money, about $750 million, would cover the rest in the form of a hotel/motel tax, car rentals and taxi rides.
Taxpayers like Ron Bosler don’t mind it as long as tourists pay for it.

“A lot of people would like that. It would be good for the economy to have an NFL team,” Bosler said.
But other taxpayers like Brad Golod say if Sands wants it, Sands should pay for it, not public money even if tourists foot the bill.
“Why ask them to pay even more -- again -- it is going to be Adelson’s benefit?” Golod asked.
The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee on Thursday will meet to work out a funding deal for the proposed 65,000-seat stadium. If the group approves the proposal, Gov. Brian Sandoval could call for a special session to vote on the deal.
Robert Lang, an urban planner and executive director of Brookings Mountain West, a think-tank, said a stadium and a new pro-football team would create jobs and pump in a lot of money.
“Hundreds of millions of dollars a year. It is a win-win,” Lang said.
All that money would fund a cycle that pumps in more money for new hotels and new restaurants, which would attract more tourists who would spend even more money.
“If we got the Super Bowl, it would be the best Super Bowl. If we get the Pro Bowl, if we get the Pac-12 championship game, it would be a lot more fun than seeing it in San Jose,” Lang said.