Good odds for Vegas Golden Knights in NHL draft lottery

The Vegas Golden Knights have a good chance of receiving the No. 1 pick in its first NHL draft.

The league's annual draft lottery has been scheduled for April 29 in Toronto, Canada. The lottery dictates the order the teams will pick in the June draft.

Generally, the NHL's draft lottery is based off the team's standings the season before. The team with the worst record has the highest likelihood of winning the lottery and getting the No. 1 pick.

The Golden Knights have the same odds of picking first as the team with the NHL's third-worst record. The lowest the Golden Knights can pick in the first round is 6th overall.

The Colorado Avalanche have the best odds, followed by the Vancouver Canucks and then the Golden Knights. The Arizona Coyotes also have a similar chance as the Golden Knights.

For more details on the draft lottery, click here.

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