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This Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine Is Kid-Friendly And Fun For Summer

This Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine Is Kid-Friendly And Fun For Summer
Posted at 6:40 AM, Jun 13, 2022

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Warm weather requires the tools to beat the heat so you can enjoy summer. And to us, that means chilled, slushy, and icy beverages. Yum!

With the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine, you don’t have to leave your backyard to get the type of refresher you might otherwise enjoy in tropical isles, along boardwalks and beaches, and at amusement parks.

(And by the way: take it from someone born and raised in Hawaii. If you want to sound authentic, call it “shave ice” with no “d” at the end.)

This snow cone machine is currently on sale on Amazon for $46.95. There’s also an option to buy the machine with three syrup flavors, paper cones, straws and bottle pourers for $69.99, or a larger six syrup and accessories package for $87.99.

The machine’s blade is adjustable with a screwdriver to change the texture of the shave ice that comes out. You could have more crunchy ice for granitas or extra soft ice for snow cones, for example.

It also uses ordinary bagged or freezer ice with its stainless steel blade and electric motor. The snow cone machine won’t run if its lid is off, a nice safety measure for something that is sure to attract the attention of kids.


The Hawaiian Shaved Ice snow cone machine has 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 2,200 reviews.

One user says the key to perfectly fluffy shave ice with this product is adjusting the blade.

“I have been using my older model S500 for over twelve years and it has been such a great performer,” HT wrote. “I fine tuned my blade to (sic) that it shaves VERY finely and has never needed readjusting. This allows the motor to perform without straining and I’ve run my machine to ten minutes in a row, to keep up with demand. Love the use of normal ice cubes, ice molds are a pain to deal with.”

Some reviewers say the machine is on the noisier side, many of them said it didn’t stop them from using the machine often.

“This little machine has earned a (maybe permanent??) place plugged in on our counter,” Amazon reviewer ShoeFiend said. “I have at least two bowls of slush every day … A little loud, but hey — sounds like a party!!”

And if you’re looking for a way to make shave ice and other snow cone-like treats but don’t want to buy an entirely new machine, KitchenAid has a shave ice attachment for any of its mixers that will allow you to make both shave ice and a number of other slushy ice-based recipes. It’s temporarily unavailable on Amazon and the KitchenAid site at the moment but you can still purchase it at places like Williams Sonoma.


Are there snow cones in your near future?

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