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Woman stopped wearing pants for good

Posted at 10:34 AM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 22:23:54-04

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is easier said than done. And for some, the search for the right pair is still ongoing.

That’s precisely why one woman decided to give up pants for good. Now, her wardrobe consists solely of skirts and dresses and, apparently, she’s never felt better in her clothing or loved her body more.

Erika W. Smith opens up about her skirt-only closet policy in an essay for Hello Giggles. Smith is completely candid throughout the piece, sharing dressing room struggles we’re sure plenty of women could relate to. “I gave up on pants because it was almost impossible to find ones that fit me,” she writes. “I’m short (5’2”), chubby (size 12), and curvy, and it seems like most pants are made to fit someone with a body completely different from mine: tall, thin, and leggy. I’m pretty sure that I need four or five different pants sizes to fit all the different parts of my lower body.”

So, what did she do about it? She decided to ditch the pants once and for all, and apparently, it’s the greatest decision she could have made. “I wish I had given up on pants earlier—I’m sure it would have made me feel better about my body sooner. My skirts and dresses make me feel cute and comfortable,” she writes.

Sure, there are issues with wearing only skirts and dresses, too, but they’re much more solvable than the “these pants don’t fit” dilemma. For instance, what about when it’s cold out? Well, she’s got the perfect solution: fleece lined stockings or heat-tech tights.

There are those who totally relate to hating pants. Because when it comes to finding a size that actually fits the way it should, the struggle is real. “I did the same except for jeans,” wrote one Facebook user in direct response to the Hello Giggles piece. “I get asked all the time why I do not where [sic] pants. I am more comfortable which means i am more confident.”

And there are also plenty of Twitter reactions that demonstrate Smith is not alone. After trying on a pair of pants at the store, one Twitter user wrote, “Now I remember why I stopped buying [pants].” Those dressing room troubles can definitely make people remember.

But there are also those who would never go without their trusty pair of jeans or dress pants.

A Facebook user admitted to hating skirts after hearing Smith’s story. “In fact I haven’t worn a skirt in about 7 years,” the Facebook user wrote.

What do you think about giving up your favorite bottom option? Could you live without pants? Or vice versa?

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