Curbside retail: the new business model in the coronavirus era

Posted at 10:39 AM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 19:54:26-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Curbside retail is the new business model in the coronavirus era.

One entrepreneur who found success with his curbside business shared his advice in a webinar hosted by the Downtown Vegas Alliance on Tuesday.

Boardwalk Liquors is a battle born business, but it’s one that Derek Stonebarger didn’t plan on having. He’s already the owner of ReBAR and Davey’s in the Arts District. Both are boarded up and closed right now.

You can buy ReBAR merchandise, face masks, toilet paper, alcohol, and more online before picking it up in the Boardwalk Liquors drive through.

“The moment that I sold the first few orders, I was in tears because I knew my business would be saved and I could help at least the employees who weren’t able to get unemployment. They’ve come back to work,” Stonebarger said.

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It’s a unique business model that Stonebarger thinks many shops can replicate. He says first, business owners should check with their city or county to ensure they have the right permits. A temporary permit will cost around $100 with the City of Las Vegas, Stonebarger says.

Second, Stonebarger suggests creating an online shopping cart for customers. He recommends buying a new domain name and building a site through GoDaddy or Shopify.

“You can build your online shopping cart without messing anything up on your main website," Stonebarger said.

You’ll also want to advertise on social media so that customers know how to support your business.

“You can do this and your customers will help you get through this. They want to support you, they just need a way to support you,” Stonebarger added.


Stonebarger also suggests getting creative about the way you sell your products. For example, instead of one of RebAr’s famous craft cocktails, they sell a kit for you to make it at home.

“Sell fun little packages. Your sponsors will help you come up with free little goodies to put in the package. Focus on what makes you unique,” Stonebarger said.