These tools can help you sharpen your skills as Nevada's economy reopens

Posted at 2:11 PM, Jun 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-01 17:13:07-04

While Nevada is opening, the economy will look different.

Some businesses will go on a hiring spree. Others will have to layoff workers.

As an employee, this is the time to sharpen your skills so you can be ready for the state’s rebound.

Chris Ebert has had some extra time on his hands since the beginning of lockdown in his home state of Michigan. Time the Troy software developer is putting to good use.

“I decided to better myself and sign up for cloud training to hopefully acquire some certifications that will make me more marketable and be helpful to me in my career," said Chris Ebert, a software developer.

Chris is earning his second Amazon Cloud certification from online training platform A Cloud Guruat just $49 a month.

Chris is already a developer, but these certifications can take you from zero to marketable skills in weeks and months not years.

“It does at face value, but when you go through this training and how it's structured and it's hands-on," said Ebert. "You get a lot of realistic hands-on experience, and it's the same type of task that you would be asked to perform by an employer.”

This is exactly the right move, and the right time to upgrade your skills, according to the job doctor, CJ Eason.

She’s with Eason says while some companies are struggling to stay afloat, others are struggling to fill jobs. You'll be competitive for IT support jobs with Googe’s IT support certification.

"Then you qualify to work with companies, of course with Google. You also qualify for Hulu. You also qualify for a PNC bank," CJ Eason.

These in-demand IT certifications can earn a good salary, while entry-level jobs can earn $30,000 to $40,000 a year, others earn a lot more.

“When you do become certified in Azure, your pay salary could be up to one 126,000 a year," said Eason.

If it’s not your thing, websites like Courserahave certificates to help you brush up on your business skills too. And if you always wanted to go to Harvard Business School, now may be your chance.

You can earn a Harvard certificate at community college price.

“Who would not want some type of certificate from Harvard online business. You can get your certificate in economics. You can get a certificate in financial accounting.”

As for Chris, he says the skills he’s earning now will make him more competitive in a changing world.

“Everything's moving to being in the cloud. More and more every year," said Ebert. "These certifications are in demand, and they're actually required now for some positions in various companies.”

These certificates are affordable. In some cases, the learning is free, but the actual certification test will cost you over a hundred dollars. But that's an investment that will pay for itself.

And earning these certifications shows your current employer or future employers you’re committed to staying up-to-date on the latest in your industry and willing to learning something new.