Plexiglass dealer says business is up 200% for sneeze guards and face shields

Posted at 2:33 PM, Jun 10, 2020

More schools and businesses are using more Plexiglas sneeze guards these days and one business owner says he’s trying to keep up with demand.

Jeremy Nichols owns Acrylic Display Systems in Tucson, Arizona, and says he's lucky to be up and running in today's economy. Now he wants to do his part to help others stay safe during the pandemic.

The small business owner has been hard at work making his creations with laser point precision. According to Nichols, the recent reopening of local businesses after the COVID-19 shutdown has created a big demand for his sneeze guards and face shields. Nichols says business is up more than 200 percent.

"Right now, the bulk is doing those sneeze guards and face shields for people. Restaurants, retail, nail salons, nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, some banks and the National Park Service, Nichols said.

Nichols also says his wife is a healthcare provider and he understands the desperate need for PPE. So he made it a point to design protective gear for first responders and others who need it.

"St. Joe, Banner, and a lot of other hospitals are making their own masks too we’ve been able to laser cut a lot of those,” Nichols said.

As for the cost, a face shield can run from $2 to $5 each and the sneeze guards are between $50 and $300 apiece depending on the size.

He also volunteers his time to help make donated face masks for hospital workers. Nichols says he’s dedicated to making a difference even if it’s by making one shield at a time.