Landing a job as businesses reopen

Posted at 2:26 PM, Jun 08, 2020

Most businesses now have the green light to reopen, and while many Nevadans will go back to their old jobs, for some, that won’t be an option.

Keri Nardeccia in is looking for a new job.

She received the notice three weeks ago that her job is being sent overseas. She says three weeks ago, she and her co-workers got the bad news.

“They’re stating that our jobs are being outsourced to India”, Kari says. “So I'm looking for a position like office manager, collections or administrative assistant.”

So now Keri’s on the hunt for a new job, like so many others. Finding a job is always a challenge, but in the COVID-19 economy, the competition will be fierce.

Jack Van Tiem with Troy-based Kelly Services says if you need a new job – start now.

“I would highly recommend for people not to wait and sit on the sidelines”

Van Tiem says the first step for job searchers is to know their purpose.

Do you want to create something, invent something? Be a part of building something. That will lead you to the type of position you should be searching for.

“That comes out during an interview process” according to Van Tiem. “So don't just look for the job, find your purpose, and then align a position that meets your purpose.“

He also says get good at video conferencing. It’s here to stay, for both job interviews and daily business. And when you land that interview be prepared to map your skills developed over the years to the employers needs and the outcomes they want.

And, highlight your experience if you’re a seasoned worker.

“Operational excellence is another thing that seasoned workers have, because they've kind of been there, done that, they've seen it.” Van Tiem stresses, “that's what employers are looking for.”

And finally when after you ace the interview, if the employer allows, try texting to follow up. Up to 94 percent of every text is read. That increases the chance your message gets in front of the hiring manager and not lost in the email junk file. The content of the message should be genuine and open-ended. That allows room for a conversation and shows a real interest.

Here’s the rebound rundown:

  • The competition for jobs is tough in the covid-19 economy, so get started now.
  • Find your purpose. The kind challenges you want from a job and go from there.
  • Master video conferencing - it’s the present and the future
  • And if you can text your open ended follow up with potential employers.

As for Keri, she says she has had some interviews and feels like she’s on the right track.

“I am just going to put my foot forward to try to get the best out of everything, and make sure that I'm protected, and my family is protected,” Kari says.

Her goal is to land a new job before her current job goes away.