Advice from an expert: How to land a job during the coronavirus

Posted at 1:16 PM, Jun 03, 2020

Like so many, Sam Crouch's life has changed during the coronavirus.

"I think I realized my days were numbered at the job I was at, " Crouch explained.

In March, he was on searching for jobs from his home in Frankfort, snagged an interview, and was fortunate enough to get hired during the pandemic. All of it happened over a computer.

Crouch said, "[I] interviewed over Zoom because they're based in Minnesota and got the position. My first three days of training were on Zoom, so that was a difference experience just learning from power points the whole time."

Normally, his training would have consisted of two weeks of on-site and in-person instruction, but he adapted, rolled with the punches and has been working full-time ever since.

It is that kind of flexibility and determination Crinda Francke, president and CEO of Lexington's ExecuTrain, said you need to have if you are in search of a job right now.

Francke said, "You've got to have grit and you've got to have perseverance ,and you really just gotta be patient and just keep doing the work."

Her company has been incredibly busy through the coronavirus, consistently placing people in jobs the entire time and adapting to the ever-changing world.

"We're hiring people that we meet through Zoom. We've never even had face-to-face contact, you know, besides the computer screen," Francke said.

So, what is her advice for getting a job right now? Number one, she said get on LinkedIn. Francke said 90% of employers use the website to hire.

Francke explained, "You've got to make sure that that profile really speaks to your strengths and talents. So, let's say, what are some strengths that would be desirable right now? Resilience, creativity, knowing that in previous positions you were faced with challenges."

Francke said even now in the age of social distancing, networking remains key. She said using LinkedIn as a tool for that is extremely helpful as well. Another thing to help you stand out? Francke said to make sure you are tailoring your cover letters and resumes for that particular company or position.

"You can tell that that person spit out one resume and one cover letter and sent it to 100 different employers for possibly 50 different positions. It's so completely obvious, " Francke said. "So taking that extra time and effort to really invest in yourself via your resume and what it presents will really pay off dividends."

Finally, she urged job searchers to show a potential employer how you can help them.

"Represent yourself as someone that can come in and help. Be creative, can help you reposition your company? Many companies have had to completely redesign the way they do business, " Francke said.

A quick summary:
-Make a LinkedIn profile and make sure it shows off your strengths
-Network, network, network
-Don't be boring
-Don't get discouraged

Francke explained many industries are still hiring including grocery stores, pharmacies and telework, and take it from Sam Crouch, the persistence can pay off.

"It's possible, I mean I was able to find a job. I stayed persistent in the pursuit of trying to find a different job, " Crouch said.

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