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Las Vegas cleaning company claims spray treatment kills 99.9% of COVID-19

Disinfecting Solution treats homes and businesses
Las Vegas cleaning company claims spray treatment kills 99.9% of COVID-19
Las Vegas cleaning company claims spray treatment kills 99.9% of COVID-19
Las Vegas cleaning company claims spray treatment kills 99.9% of COVID-19
Las Vegas cleaning company claims spray treatment kills 99.9% of COVID-19
Posted at 4:20 PM, May 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-20 17:47:47-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — We know the novel coronavirus can live on surfaces for hours, sometimes days. One local company claims it has a product that can help you kill the virus and stop it from returning for several weeks!

13 Action News wanted to find out if there's any truth to this claim, so we sent a crew to meet up with the managing members of Disinfecting Solution LLC while they were treating Or Bamidbar Chabad East Sephardic Synagogue in East Las Vegas. Right now, the synagogue is closed because of COVID-19, but the Rabbi is doing everything in his power to prepare to reopen whenever possible.

"For small businesses, homes, cars, we will sanitize ceiling to floor. When we get done, there will be nothing that isn’t touched. It’s ok for children, pets. We use only a hospital grade sanitizer," said Charles LeMon, managing member of Disinfecting Solution, describing his disinfecting spray treatment.

Disinfecting Solution has only been in business for about two months. The company claims a single spray treatment can kill 99.9% of pathogens, including COVID-19. Plus, they claim it will continue disinfecting surfaces long after its first applied.

"On surfaces you don’t touch, it will last up to 90 days. If you’re using the surface a lot, it’s going to go much faster. You can keep it on for 30 days if you’re using it a lot," said LeMon.

LeMon says the spray doesn't streak or stain surfaces.

"It dries up clear. Your mirrors, your TV, everything, no marks, no streaks. It will be like we were never there," said LeMon.

He says only difference you'll notice after the treatment is the smell.

"All the smells, all the mold, mildew, everything that you’re used to smelling will all be gone. It’s going to smell as clean as you could ever think your house could smell," said LeMon.

The treatment seemed too good to be true, so 13 Action News took some lingering concerns to Dr. Christina Madison, an associate professor of pharmacy practice at Roseman University of Health Sciences in Henderson. Dr. Madison says the electrostatic sprayer, the device used to disperse the disinfectant, does have some scientific studies on its side.

"This is a fairly new type of technology utilizing this ionization process with the electrostatic gun to charge the particles inside the disinfectant spray. And that spray, because it now has this ionized charge, is actually able to adhere to surfaces longer," said Dr. Madison. And that allows the disinfectant to continue cleaning longer.

In terms of the disinfectant spray itself, Dr. Madison says it is on the list of disinfectants approved by the E.P.A. for use against COVID-19. But with that, comes a warning.

"This is something I see as an added layer on top of regular cleanings and can maybe extend the time frame for when cleanings can be done because it can make the disinfectant adhere to those surfaces, porous and non-porous, longer, but it's not a substitute for regular cleanings," said Dr. Madison.

Disinfecting Solution LLC doesn't make that claim, nor do they promise their spray will protect people from getting COVID-19 in buildings they've treated. But they do say their spray is an added layer of defense in the ongoing fight to return to normal.

"We are not saying that this will stop you or stop anybody from getting it. It's passed from person to person. All we are saying is, that if you sanitize the area around you, you’re going to have less likely chances or even possibilities that somebody can get sick off of your table, your place of business," said LeMon.

Disinfecting Solution will treat homes, businesses, and vehicles. So, if you're curious about their services and what they can offer, you can read more about the company and request service by clicking this link.