13 MVP: Kaleb Skougard spreading positivity with random acts of kindness

Recently seen helping woman who ran out of gas
Posted at 9:57 AM, Dec 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-13 12:57:20-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — This pandemic has stripped us of our sense of security. Because of social distancing, it feels like we're all trying to avoid other humans as much as possible.

But, not this month's 13 MVP. Kaleb Skougard is a young man who's not afraid to help a complete stranger and spread some positivity during a pandemic.

"I've kinda been bouncing all over ever since COVID happened and I was laid off in March," said Skougard.

Like so many of his fellow Las Vegans, the 21 year-old Skougard lost his serving job on the strip because of COVID-19. But, he's happy to have one now at CRAFTKitchen in Henderson.

"I like cooking. I also like serving. It’s nice to get in the front half and see what people are wanting and see the interaction with people and be able to talk to people and get to know people," said Skougard.

Despite his pandemic ups and downs, Kaleb says he's always helped others.

"It comes from my old man and my mom. They definitely raised me and my brothers and my little sisters differently than I think average kids are raised nowadays. We were definitely brought up with manners and respect and kinda just going above and beyond being the normal," said Skougard.

Last thursday, Kaleb was driving home from work when he came across a car blocking traffic. He decided to do what no one else would. He got out and helped.

"I noticed she looked, I would say not confused, but distraught, like uncomfortable. So, I kinda pulled over and went in front of her and turned on my hazards and got out and I’m like, 'hey, can I help you out a little bit? Is there anything you need?' She’s like, 'it’s embarrassing, but I just ran out of gas.' I was like, 'hey, it happens. Can I help you push your car out of the way just so we’re not in traffic?'" Skougard asked the stranger.

Not only did he push the woman's car to a safer spot, but he brought her to get gas and filled her car up for her.

"She was very amazed and kinda shocked by even me offering, even pushing her car out of the way," said Skougard.

The woman was so overwhelmed, she posted a pair of pictures of Kaleb's kind act on Facebook, where they've been liked and shared dozens of times.

"This is something that I do very often. I often help people or stop and see if anyone needs help, just in case, because that could’ve been my mom. That could’ve been any of my family members and I would expect someone to do the same," said Skougard.

Now, he's hoping others will see his story and be more compelled to answer the call for help.

"I think more people should just get out and help. A lot of people are so scared during this pandemic and during this time when everyone needs help. We all need help. You know what I mean? I don’t know what she was going through that day. I don’t know if she had a rough day or what happened, but you can always help someone out and make someone's day way better just by pushing her car and helping her get gas or helping someone cross the street, kind of anything," said Skougard.