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UNLV School of Nursing launches initiatives to meet community demand for nurses

Posted at 4:08 AM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-29 15:21:16-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — There's an elevated need for highly trained nurses in Nevada and initiatives will boost training opportunities for our state's existing nurse workforce, and expand admissions to UNLV's undergraduate program. UNLV's School of Nursing is raising the bar, to meet the demand.

The demand for nurses is up and the Dean of the School of Nursing at UNLV says with the growth of the medical school in Las Vegas... the nursing program needs to expand too. Right now 56 students are in the program each semester, but this fall, that number will increase to 76.

Angela Amar, the dean of the School of Nursing at UNLV says these are good paying jobs.

Students work in the school's simulation center and in actual hospitals across the valley for training. It's a rapid 4-semester program, one after the other.

Amar says the students are sought after when they graduate. "When you look at our impact in the community, our students are out there our faculty are out there, we have stellar practitioners who are making a difference."

Nursing student Brent Escuin is in his final semester. He was originally in pharmacy but realized he wanted more of a hands on approach and says this is exactly what he wants to do. He also says -- don't let being a man discourage you from being a nurse.

Brent says, "It's more accepted... there's a term "murse," male nurse, and we proudly say it."

The simulation center puts the students in real-life situations. There's a control center on the other side of the mirror where staff can program the vitals of a dummy, and teach the students real time.

Dean Amar says, "Things we'd like them to see in the hospital but we can't make a patient get really sick, we can't make a patient have a problem, we can make the mannequins have that problem, the students have to act fast paced and really do learn a lot here."

Nusring student, Michelle Memapan says, "It's a very open and positive learning environment, we examine our strength and our opportunities after each simulation."

UNLV is doing a nursing summer camp for high school students for the first time this year. Taking steps to gain even more interest in a profession that is in high demand in our community. You can find more information on the program's website.

The school of nursing recently received $900,000 from the Governor's Office of Economic Development to develop advanced training and continuing education programs for our state's nursing workforce.

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