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Parent involvement in education is the best guarantee of student success

Posted at 3:57 AM, Sep 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-10 11:47:19-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Once home from the daily grind, the Dumo family has made homework time into a ritual.

Sitting at a mini-table perfect for their young children Friday, Richard and Sanja Dumo pulled out binders, books, and flashcards and began leading young Jolene, Korrine, and Italian exchange student Anna toward a brighter future.

"They have a goal," Richard said, "and as parents it's our job to help guide them to that goal. They'll make mistakes, that's just part of it, but being in involved you can help guide them."

The Dumos know something that has been proven by research time and time again: parental involvement in a child's education helps them succeed in school.

The National Education Association said parental involvement has been twice as indicative of a student's better grades, graduation rates, and attendance than socio-economic status or any other factor.

"It's going to carry into adulthood," Sanja said, "it's going to carry into high school, college, and beyond."

To help parents, the Clark County School District set up resources to help parents engage their children.

Debbie Palacios with Family and Community Engagement Services, or FACES, said their program has tools for nearly any situation.

She said parents can take classes at their University of Family Learning which offers more than 100 classes ranging from food preparation to math and how to effectively talk with your kid.

"Even though we sometimes think it's easy," Palacios said, "we know the 'how was school,' ugh, 'fine.'"

She said that conversation often isn't sufficient, and FACES classes can give parents the tips and tricks they need to get their young student to open up about what's happening at school.

Starting this year, FACES expanded their classroom offerings to eight Saturdays as well as weekday offerings.

FACES also has opened 10 community centers spread throughout Las Vegas where parents can bond with their children.

"I really think the end goal is for all of us working together for student achievement," Palacios said.

She said she understands that life often gets hectic when juggling work and raising children, but said parental involvement doesn't require Herculean effort.

Really, she said, it comes down to a few minutes a day paying attention to your child's successes and failures and guiding the way.

Sanja Dumo said any effort has been worth it as she's watched her children grow and thrive.

"When they come home and they're proud of something they did," Sanja said, "for me, they're a part of me, and they're being successful."

Palacios said anyone interested in taking advantage of their programs can connect with them through their website here.

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