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Clark County school program involves girls in tech industry

'Girls in Engineering' visit Tesla
Posted at 7:45 AM, Mar 05, 2019
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Girls can do anything, and yet the tech industry is still dominated by men.

So three years ago, the Clark County School District launched a program to change that called "Girls in Engineering," and it's Raising the Bar and improving the future.

"We're making an at-home simple motor. Our goal is to make this spin," said Anastasia, a local middle school student.

She is a 7th-grade lover of math and science, and in a group of girls from Kenny Guinn Middle School visiting Tesla to learn about career opportunities for women in engineering.

"I learned the battery isn't this tiny thing in the back. It's from the length of the car, all the way back there," she said.

Angelina Rivera has always had an interest in building things with interests expanding to cars.

"I had never thought about working on cars before, but I think it's interesting to see components and computers because they are so electronic and advanced," Angelina said.

All of this is possible because a CCSD employee started "Girls in Engineering" program three years ago for a very personal reason.

"I have a daughter. I don't ever want anyone to tell her she can't do something bc she's a woman," Snehal Bhakta said.

Because of Bhakta's vision, hundreds of our girls are now in STEM programs and considering tech careers.

"Getting them hands-on in all female environment letting them feel comfortable, ask questions, really it helps build confidence," she said.

The leadership team at the location on West Sahara (where the girls visited) is all women and is super inspiring to the young ladies.

"It gives you someone to look up to - you can look up to male figures but having someone you can relate to in certain ways is tremendous," Anastasia said.

Still, the girls insist it's not about girl power; it's about people power - let the best job candidate win.

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